Schools/ Non-Profit

At we love to give back to the communities that give us so much. From our churches, to our schools to our community centers and summer camps. These organizations create real impacts in people and families across this country. We have partnered with many local bus and travel companies to extend discounts to non-profit organizations.    We can help your organization plan fundraising trips and event logistics.


  Whether you have an after school program or a team competition across the country, we have the experience, know-how and equipment to get the job done. We have travelled from Pennsylvania for the Penn Relays to Hiawatha Kansas for the Field Hockey Nationals. We have driven for many academics based events as well. If your team is going for victory ANYWHERE we want to be the ones driving.  


  At we believe churches along with schools are the backbone of our society and families. Being a city based company, we have seen first hand the great work churches do for our community and for those without voices. We believe in the power of faith based institutions and want to help them thrive and spread however we can. We specialize in large group transportation be it family for a funeral or a choir guest performing, our vehicles and staff are here to get you there. We can even help with weekend shuttle services to elleviate parking problems.    


  Looking to raise money for your charity or non-profit organization? Team with us for your conventions, fundraisers and community outreach. Let us be the link to get you in front of your audience, or to get your audience in front of you. can transport your entire group to multiple locations, point to point or even run a continuous route over a specific scheduled period. We understand how to move people from one location to another in complete comfort while staying on-time and on-budget.    Our transportation professionals are ready to make your next event transportation trouble-free. Our services are customized to meet your event transportation needs and we can accommodate many different types of transportation requests. We are the Shuttle Bus Services professionals and we can make a big difference in your transportation costs. Transportation has an excellent reputation serving non-profit organizations of all sizes. When it comes to selecting the right transportation provider for your next special event, make sure you work with a professional company. Since 2001, Transportation has provided many non-profit shuttle service clients with impeccable transportation all at a great value. Call today to discuss your event shuttle service needs.
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